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As you well know, between my weekly travels to and from the islands and around EA I am not the best at keeping up with this blog, so I have made a trip across the ocean to come share some of the personal stories, update face to face on what God is doing in the Ssese Islands, answer questions, thank people, and share ways to be involved. I am in the US between now (end of March) and April 24th and I am available for meeting with individuals, groups, churches, etc... I will be in the Philadelphia area, but also traveling some, so if you are interesting in catching up or having me come to share with you and your friends, or if you want to know where I'm already planning to be, please send me an email ( and we can arrange!

Ministry is difficult between these rural islands without the support of others both through regular prayer and finance. This time around we are looking for more partners in the ministry so that God's work in the lives of people in East Africa can continue! If you or someone you know is interested in contributing, there are several options.
  • Commitment to regular prayer (daily, weekly, monthly) 
  • One time gifts
  • Monthly contributions
  • Gifts toward specific projects
  • Personal gifts
You can find out more on how to GIVE by following the link attached to the word "Give" (follow instructions to designate it to "melanie musselman support") or by contacting me personally for more information and specific needs via email ( All gifts and contributions go toward making possible God's work which He's called us to specifically in developing pastors, churches, community health, and women's and children's health within these remote East African communities in Lake Victoria. 

Lives are being saved, redeemed, and transformed and I'm happy to share more with you in detail...

Thank you for you continued interest and support and may God bless!

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